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About Pawberry Lane

Pawberry Lane offers fresh baked variety of treats for dogs, cats and horses.  Vet approved, the treats are made fresh with no additives or preservatives to extend shelf life. Our treats are made of all real food including fresh organic fruits and vegetables from Ripe Organics ( My mother and business partner, Lyn Hallberg, makes hand knit, machine washable sweaters for dogs and cats ... from the tiny 3-pound tea cup up to the 100+ pound German Sheppard and Great Dane.

We specialize in making treats for pets with allergies or sensitivities to foods. We can custom-make specialty treats to include meat free, grain free, low calorie and accommodate sensitive stomachs, and skin allergies. Our line also includes a variety of treats for dogs and cats with cancer.  They are specially designed with cancer fighting ingredients, special digestive enzymes, anti inflammatory foods and very low carbs.


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