I walked into Pawberry lane not knowing what to expect. I was outta of dog food and looking for something better for my 1 year old pit/great dane rescue. I was greeted by a lady whose passion for animals was infectious. We talked for the better part of a hour although it seemed like a few minutes. I was thoroughly educated on the various dog foods and how it related to my breed of dog. I also learned that it's okay and recommended for all dog owners to rotate their proteins. I purchased some raw goats milk to soften my pups coat and was walked through the many safe chew toys and rawhide etc that she carries. I left Pawberry lane a very satisfied customer who will continue to come back time and time again. I even think my wife has plans to attend a doggy function.
- Steve Rosenthal
Pawberry Lane is a class act all around. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to talk to. I’ve never seen a shop carry so many quality/trusted products at great prices (I left with a Mendota slip lead, a new Bark & Co. collar for my rescue dog Ava, and a goody bag of food samples to try out...I don’t even think the bill went over $20). They were even nice enough to donate a car full of supplies (literally) to a Chicago-based animal shelter. I highly recommend them to all animal owners/lovers!
- Andrew Edward
Colleen was helping another customer when I got there. I think he had a new puppy, shepherd of some sort. She walked him through the food choices, supplies he would need (and wouldn't need), crating and potty training. She was so through with this young guy who seemed to appreciate the help in getting ready to be a great owner. He got all of his questioned answered and I bet he will be back as his dog grows for more excellent food and guidance. Colleen helped me choose a high protein/low phosphorus canned food for my cat with kidney disease. Now I order a case at a time to save money.
- Julie Wheeler
Colleen is extremely passionate and compassionate about what she does. I am touched by her Facebook posts just about every day with stories and photos of animal rescues, events for causes and general fun with kids playing with animals. Personally, I consulted with her when I rescued a little kitty that was born under a trailer. She went out of her way to help me, above and beyond the call of duty. Her passion is expressed in the high quality foods and products she carries at Pawberry Lane. If you have a pet, you must have a Pawberry Lane experience and/or ongoing relationship.
- Catherine Swanson-Flauter
Colleen is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she sells. When I first went in I wasn't sure what to expect and went away feeling good about the best way to feed my pets. I don't even bother with the other pet stores any more. There are awesome treats and and toys. There is always a dog or kitten to pet. And she works with rescues!
- Tamala Laseke Ryan

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